Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an open-world action game with stealth elements from French studio Ubisoft Montreal. It is set in a fictional version of Chicago, where ubiquitous computer software called ctOS controls the city’s infrastructure and monitors every single resident.

Everything is connected to the ctOS network, from traffic lights to security cameras and mobile phones. This means a huge opportunity to the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce – as a hacker, he can access someone’s personal data, eavesdrop on phone conversations, and jam phone signals. Even more impressively, it’s also possible to raise bridges and barriers, control subway trains, and rupture nearby water pipes: abilities which definitely come in handy when escaping police.

Watch Dogs has a reputation system, so the way Aiden accomplishes his goals is going to affect the disposition of various NPCs. Harming many innocent civilians will result in him being denounced as a murderer, causing people to react negatively to the hacker’s presence.

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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins is an action / stealth title set as a prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Unlike the first two games in the series, it is developed by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady Studios.

Batman: Arkham Origins takes place in Gotham City during the winter, with the caped crusader having to fight off multiple assassins sent by the crime lord Black Mask and figuring out his intentions. In addition to the main storyline, Batman can also perform dynamic side missions for XP and other rewards.

The game does offer some new features, perhaps the most notable of which is the improved Detective Mode which allows Batman to reconstruct and replay crime scenes, helping him discover new evidence. There’s also a new gadget called the Remote Claw, which can tether two objects together.

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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

AC4: Black Flag is the sixth main installment in the highly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise. The game takes you to the Caribbean Sea during the early 18th century, also known as the Golden Age of Pirates.

The main character of AC4 – Edward Kenway – is subject to no one, living the dangerous life of piracy. A part of the Assassin Order, he is the grandfather of Connor from AC3, as well as an ancestor of Desmond Miles.

About 60% of the game takes place on land, which includes the cities of Havana, Kingston, and Nassau, as well as smaller villages, jungle areas, Mayan runes, and plantations. The other 40% are all about naval battles, upgrading your ship, recruiting crew, and exploring. Speaking of which, Assassin’s Creed IV is said to offer a lot more freedom in this regard compared to its predecessors.

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Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a platform game developed by Ubisoft for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U consoles. It is also a sequel to, and shares many gameplay elements with the 2011 title Rayman Origins.

The game supports single-player and 4 player co-op modes; the latter is actually increased to 5 on the Wii U. The fifth player can control Murfy using the Wii U gamepad, and assist the others by activating switches, cutting ropes, and even moving platforms.

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Total War: Rome II

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    Sep 3, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 is an upcoming title from the popular strategy series by The Creative Assembly. The game boasts a new graphics engine, a larger campaign map with new territories, new gameplay mechanics, and other improvements over its predecessors. Among them are more intelligent diplomacy AI, more factions (117 in total) with unique playstyles, and the addition of defensive, aggressive, and ambush stances for armies.

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Remember Me

Remember Me is a third-person action / stealth game developed by a French studio Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. You play as Nilin, a memory hunter who is on a mission to restore her identity and skills after her own memories were wiped clean. As a memory hunter, Nilin is able to steal and even modify the memories of her targets.

The game’s combat system allows the players to create their own combos from a variety of fighting moves called Pressens. There also are 5 more powerful moves (S-Pressens) which will become available as you progress through the story. Incidentally, pre-ordering Remember Me at select retailers will give you more Pressens to choose from.

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Deadpool is an upcoming action video game based on one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters. It is developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. The game’s script is written by Daniel Way, and Nolan North is voicing the titular character.

The gameplay is said to be a mix of melee and shooting, with Deadpool mostly using his signature swords and guns in various combinations. Other weapons like rocket launchers and sledgehammers are also available. According to IGN, the protagonist frequently breaks the fourth wall, just as you’d expect from the Merc with a Mouth.

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